Sunday, February 19, 2017


Well, this morning was so funny! Miller Shimai and I are getting so freaky alike that we both woke up at 2 am with no alarm or anything to warn us, and we were like, "Okay, it's time to get up," and then I began to pray. Then we fell back asleep. That was that haha!

Anyway, this week was amazing! I have a new niece, Isabelle!

On Wednesday we biked out to a far place near Bizen to visit less actives. We were stopping and finding along the way so when we finally got to our desired place the sun was setting and we only had 45 minutes. We were really tired and didn't know where we were, but we finally connected to wi-fi, said a quick prayer, and felt strongly to go visit a certain woman. We rang her and she talked to us through her intercom thing, but she didn't sound like she wanted to talk at all. We felt like we were about to cry, haha. Then she came out. We talked for a while and it took some warming up, but then she let us in. We had a really good talk and she brought out her Book of Mormon. She told us how the elders met her 2 weeks prior and invited her to read it. She told us she is in the middle of Mosiah! The more we talked the more excited she got about the gospel. Soon enough she was on fire; her eyes lit up. She told us she wants to come to church but it's a little hard because of how far out she lives. Miller shimai and I have been able to witness 3 less actives come back. We are so blessed!

Also, a young woman in our ward got called to the Sendai Japan mission and leaves March 21st!

Love, Lowry Shimai

Our bike riding adventure near Bizen.


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