Monday, February 6, 2017


Happy February! Wow. The time is winding down. How do I even express how grateful I am for this opportunity to be a missionary? With the new schedule I really feel like we can wind down at nights and that way be spiritually and physically prepared and genkier {happier} for the next day. It is also helping me to remember that missionary work is not a 'numbers game'. It's all about the people and the sincere feelings we have for them. I feel this change in the mission is a reflection of my life. All growing up I was all about doing things and accomplishing things, but then I have realized more and more that I need to not focus so much on things, but people!

We had MLC (Mission Leadership Conference) in Kobe on Tuesday. We learned how repetition is a principle of the gospel, and so we must never be afraid to teach ourselves and others things over and over again. It has been cool to see the Kobe Japan mission evolve. As leaders, we are recognizing that our mission is beginning to change in the fact that we are loving repentance more and more. Right now we are reading through the Book of Mormon and marking anything in relation to faith and repentance. I can definitely testify that it is changing my heart and mindset on all aspects of life.

"If I could have the wish of my heart, make repentance be the thing you do the rest of your life - and feel the joy." - Welch Kaicho (Mission President)

At the Port of Kobe.

Eating parfait :)

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